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Agile Saturday XV – Agenda is published!

Agile Saturday XV – second keynote speaker

Greetings agile people!

Time flies and we are getting closer and closer to our next Agile Saturday XV.

Time to introduce our second keynote speaker!

Our second keynote speaker is Kaimar Karu and he will talk about
“Cynefin and sense-making in the digital world”.

Here is the abstract to get you curious:

Cynefin (meaning ‘habitat’ in Welsh) is a sense-making framework, developed by Dave Snowden, and used for improving situational awareness and helping with decision-making by managers and hands-on professionals in various industries, including IT. The framework differentiates between ordered and unordered systems and introduces five domains (simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder) that make it easier to identify the best next steps in any (challenging) situation.
The session introduces the basic concepts in Cynefin and describes its applicability to IT management and DevOps. We will cover the following:
– Supporting organisational change initiatives and transformation programs
– How to recognise your context and choose suitable methods
– How to make decisions in complex environments
– How to avoid ‘one size fits all’ approaches
– How to enable and support innovation
– How to support continual improvement

Agile Saturday XV – First keynote speaker announced!

Agile Saturday XV is just around the corner. Time to introduce our speakers!

Our first keynote speaker at Agile Saturday XV on March 23rd will be… Vasco Duarte!
Actually, Vasco helped a lot our community and was the keynote speaker at the very first Agile Saturday whooping nine years ago. We are very happy to have Vasco together with us again.

Vasco will talk about that:
Agile Strategy – How to run an Agile business, a case study of 18 months of SAFe portfolio level implementation in the leadership team of a multinational company.

Here is an abstract to get you energised:
Your teams are Agile. You can even deliver software faster, but the business is still suffering? Do the teams claim that other departments are “behind” or “don’t get it”?
When companies start their Agile journey, they usually start from the IT corner, but that is not what Agile is about. The software is only a small part of the value customers get. We must also respond quickly to market changes, remove unnecessary costs, and focus on discovering higher value (higher profit, lower cost, market-centric, user-focused) products and services. The solution: be Agile about how you manage your company.
In this presentation, we walk through a 2-year transformation in a multinational mid-size company, which went from top-down waterfall-like portfolio planning to Agile Portfolio Management, the next wave of Agile.

Agile Saturday XIV – agenda

Agile Saturday XIII – agenda

Watch Agile Saturday Live!

Stream from main stage: http://www.livestream.com/agilesaturday7

Stream from second stage: http://www.livestream.com/agilesaturday7c

AgileSaturday on your mobile

Great news everyone! Now you can have AgileSaturday on your mobile or iPad!
Just open the application by scanning the QR code or by following this link.

Here you can always check the program. Select talks that interest you the most. See the latest tweets about the Agile Saturday even if you (by some weird reason) do not have a Twitter account!

And of course there you can check out our sponsors who helped us a lot to make the Agile Saturday happen!

See you tomorrow in Hotel Euroopa!

Agile Saturday VII registration is open!

Great news everyone! The registration for the next Agile Saturday that will happen on 12th of May is now OPEN!

Check the preliminary program here and register now!

Discount for LESS2011 conference

LESS is a network of individuals that regularly organizes conferences about Lean and Agile Product Development. This year LESS2011 has a clear focus on
management innovation and organization transformation.
The Keynotes include Lean specialists Peter Middleton and Jams Sutton as well as
radical management proponent Steven Denning and a representative of the most
promising approach to budgeting and strategy: Bjarte Bogsnes.

The LESS team wants to encourage all local communities to participate by
offering a special discount code. Agile Estonia members will get a 100Eur
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See you in Stockholm!

Videos from Agile Saturday VI

Opening and introduction to the day – Heldin Rikk and Stanislav Vasilyev

How to Make Tea Party Rock – Viktoria Saat

Challenging requirements – Gojko Adzic

Lean vs Scrum vs Common Sense vs Reality – Jaanus Lang

Team Leadership – Ari Tikka

Choose a Pattern! – Anton Keks