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Meet The Speakers – Giuseppe De Simone

Meet our first keynote speaker, Giuseppe De Simone, with a talk “Leadership in today’s world”!

Topic: Leadership in today’s world

About the talk:
In an era of global challenges, volatile markets and exponentially faster changes, it is impossible to rely on the ability of a few people to be able to take all the necessary decisions at a time suitable for the business needs. Therefore, leadership can not be seen just as a skill or trait of a limited number of roles: it must be seen as an organizational capability to grow. 
The empirical evidence agile42 got from multiple client engagements, supports the model that there are no leadership behaviors that are inherently positive or negative. Rather, there are leadership behaviors which are more or less appropriate within a certain context and a given group of people.
Therefore building agility into leadership is key: the ability to make sense of the circumstances and flexibly adopt behaviors which are coherent with what coworkers feel comfortable with. Instead incoherent behaviors are those that are not helpful within a specific situation and might be perceived negatively in the given context. 
In this talk we will explore how an effective leader in today’s world can adopt a multi-dimensional adaptable leadership approach and use the appropriate leadership behavior which fits the specific situation as well as creates the least “motivational debt”. We will also introduce some practical tools for self-reflection and improvement of personal leadership behaviors and skills.

About Giuseppe:
Giuseppe De Simone is an engineer, leader, coach and trainer, passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations become more productive and resilient. Being a Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach and Leadership Educator, Giuseppe is one of the very few in the world holding all the guide level certifications from Scrum Alliance. Currently he leads the agile42 branch in Sweden. He has been working for almost 25 years in product development with different roles and in the last 12 years he has helped companies in various industries to create more human and skillful work environments. He has embarked on a mission to democratize leadership skills for everyone. Giuseppe has spoken at several conferences, regularly writes articles and holds webinars about agility, change management, culture, leadership and coaching.

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Meet the organisers!

Meet the team of Agile Saturday XVI organisers! 

Here we are, in the hall of the future conference venue, Hestia Hotel Europa, from left to right:

  • Tatjana Fadejeva, Team Manager  at Riverty
  • Einar Koltsanov, ScrumMaster/Agile Coach at Eesti Energia
  • Lauri Greenbaum, Agile Coach at SEB Baltics
  • Julia Västrik, Agile Coach at Scoro
  • Svitlana Korjus, Scrum Master at Swedbank

Not in the picture:

  • Stanislav Vasiljev, Director of Engineering at Eurora
  • Helen Koltšanov, Designer at Dojo OÜ

Except Stanislav, a co-founder of Agile Estonia MTÜ,  who has been Agile Saturday organiser since 2009, the rest of us are new team members. However, with all that great heritage from previous 15 conferences, Stanislav’s wisdom and our enthusiasm, we are more than confident that Agile Saturday XVI  is going to be again a wonderful experience for all the participants and speakers!

Agile Saturday XVI

Agile Saturday XVI will take place 15th of April 2023 in Hestia Hotel Europa (Paadi 5, Tallinn), 10:00-18:00. It is free of charge and we will open the registration soon.

We are expecting really great speakers and we will start presenting them shortly.

So save the date and plan your time for afterparty as well.
Stay tuned!

Agile Saturday XVI is coming!

Save the date 15th of April 2023 as we are restarting Agile Saturday events!

Agile Saturday is an Agile Conference free for the participants and it exists on sponsors support. Willing to be a sponsor? Check Sponsorship page.