We are people who love Agile. We want to share experiences and unite like-minded people. For us this is the only natural way to think, work and sometimes to live.



Agile Estonia is a non-profit organization. It does not represent any specific company or financial interest. None of us receive any salary from this organization. Ideally, that would remain like this further on. However, events that we organize require funds to ensure the comfort of our guests.

In the times before, Agile Estonia members were asking companies where they work to sponsor the events. As it turned out, our events is a great place where you can address very specific audience and interest in sponsorship has grown.


We want to make sponsoring Agile Estonia simple and transparent and more importantly – available to everyone who is interested. All the funds received for sponsoring will be used only to organize social events. Annually the report will be published to show how the money was used. No one from Agile Estonia nor related companies will get paid.
By making the sponsoring open and transparent we also want to avoid too much advertising at the event. We are thankful that people participate in our events. We fully support networking and open discussions. Let’s keep it that way. We need financial involvement for some basic operations of the organization (e.g. hosting) and for the comfort of our guests (e.g. venue and coffee).

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Sponsoring options

There are three levels of sponsoring. Each subsequent level includes everything what was on a level before it. Therefore, Silver level includes everything from the Bronze level and Gold level includes just everything.

Another way to sponsor an event is to participate in its organization. There should be a strong will to make the next event even better than the last one and lots of ideas how to get there. Organizers automatically become sponsors on Silver level.

The sponsorship is valid for one (following) event only.


Price: 500 €


  • Your logo on agile.ee web-site with a link
  • Display of your logo during opening speech
  • Right to distribute any kind of merchandize at the venue (e.g. pens, calendars, cups, etc.) for display and sharing on registration table.

Price: 1000 €


  • Everything in Bronze package
  • 2x posters A1 size
  • 1x roll up banner stand.

Price: 2000 €


  • Everything in Silver package
  • You can put your own booth at the venue, where you can make campaigns, lotteries, advertisings, draw prizes before final keynote
  • One guaranteed speaker slot.

Price: 4000 €


  • 2x Rollup Banner on main-stage
  • One email sent by agile Estonia with promotional information before or after the event
  • Sponsored by mentioning in all event communications.

To summarize

Sponsorship consists of the four levels. The benefits are listed in the table below.
If you are interested or if you have any questions, please send your request here.

Level / Goods Logo at the site Logo in the opening speech Merchandize Small poster Roll up Booth Speaker slot
Silver ☑☑    
Gold ☑☑ ☑☑