Agile Saturday X on 15th February!

Stay tuned for our biggest ever – 10th anniversary of Agile Saturday on 15th February!

If you have something interesting to talk about, then please let us know !

Speakers (preliminary):

  • Chris Matts (UK)
  • Björn Kimminich (DE)
  • Anton Keks (EE)
  • Hanno Jarvet (EE)
  • Alek Kozlov (EE)
  • Marko Alas (EE)
  • Marko Taippale (FI)
  • Ari Tanninen (FI)
  • Jacopo Romei (IT)
  • Jaan Pullerits (EE)
  • Mitchell Rankin (US)
  • Tarkvara Kool (EE)
  • Heldin Rikk (EE)
You will hear
  • Codeborne’s Software school – students will share how to go from zero to coding
  • Product ownership – collaborative product/project charter –  2 days that saved months
  • Jira vs Pivotal Tracker – right tools are important
  • Agile Contracting
  • TDD
  • Technical topics


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