Agile Saturday XV – Heldin Rikk and Kaspar Eding

“Agile Organization” Track (16:15) – Heldin Rikk and Kaspar Eding 

With topic:

“Stop believing magic and face your fears – change your organization”

Short introduction about speaker:

Heldin and Kaspar have more than a decade of experience in adopting agile methodologies in finance, banking, logistics, hardware manufacturing and communication industries. They have taken several organisations through an agile transition, built new agile organisations and most importantly delivered several successful products on the way.

In search for know-how on implementation challenges, Heldin and Kaspar have found themselves in organizing management trainings and presenting the challenges in conferences. They claim to have found a cultural offset that holds organisations back from harnessing the benefits of agile. Their story is based on engineering success, but they talk about why organisations often still consider agile frameworks to be not suitable for them.

Topic abstract:

Evolution in technology is changing the game in every industry – this is not news to any business. Predicting market demand and satisfying customer expectation is becoming gradually more and more complex task. To improve strategy execution capabilities – to be faster and more adaptive – companies adopt agile frameworks. These transitions are often painful and in many cases lack the desired business impact. This talk is about the “Elephant in the room” – how we pick the methods that are convenient to adopt and dismiss the change that is really needed to move the needle.


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