Right tools matter: why not to use JIRA, but PivotalTracker

When you are (at least thinking of) doing your project in the Agile way, you need the right tools to help you.

Of course, traditional understanding is that you need to have a physical board and put sticky notes on it. That’s probably is the best option when your team is co-located.

When you team is spread (or at least your customer has their own office), you need to have your user stories online, so you can collaborate remotely. However, people tend to choose incorrect software for that, which makes their story telling and tracking harder and less transparent instead. Remember, Agile story tracker is very different from a bug tracker.

Come to the session to learn how a proper tool can really get out of the way and let you work on your project effectively. I will also talk about proper story telling in general.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the tool vendors that will be mentioned.

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