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Topic: Understanding Supervision in Agile Leadership


Understanding Supervision in Agile Leadership

Topic summary

I’m excited to share something close to my heart: I’ll talk about “Understanding Supervision in Agile Leadership” soon.

Have you ever considered how psychotherapy principles could supercharge our Agile leadership skills? Weaving supervision into our daily practices enhances how we lead and enriches our journey in navigating the complexities of teamwork and personal growth.

I’m looking forward to a chat filled with personal insights, shared experiences, and practical takeaways on improving our approach to leadership, teamwork, and overcoming challenges together.

So, if you’re curious about adding new tools to your Agile leadership toolkit, join me! Let’s explore how we can more meaningfully support each other and our teams.

I can’t wait to see you there and dive into this journey together!

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My intro

Meet Alek Kozlov, an Agile Saturday co-founder and former Agile Estonia board member. He established Estonia’s first-ever agile coaching consultancy,, and works with company owners and C-level executives to help them become more agile.

Alek’s approach is grounded in practical and pragmatic applications of agile methodologies. His consultancy and investment efforts are a testament to his commitment to advocating for agile principles and applying them in ways that produce tangible business benefits. Through and Ettevõtluskeskus, Alek has created a platform for agile leaders, coaches, and business professionals to learn and push boundaries.

As the next Agile Saturday event approaches, Alek stands out as an industry veteran who is enthusiastic about connecting with the community and sharing his vast experience in the field. Alek’s commitment to promoting agility and extensive background in managing agile transformations make him an invaluable resource for business leaders and professionals looking to implement agile methodologies in their organizations.

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