Anton Keks

Topic: Confronting Common Productivity Hurdles in Modern Software Development


Breaking Chains: Confronting Common Productivity Hurdles in Modern Software Development

Topic summary

Having had the opportunity to work with various organizations and teams on software projects in recent years, I’ve realized that many teams blindly follow established best practices or technologies without realizing that some of them can actually hinder productivity, causing delays in meeting project deadlines and diminishing developer satisfaction. Often, developers or managers, stressed by impending deadlines, worsen their situation by adopting even more inefficient practices or intentionally accruing technical debt, further complicating their circumstances.

In this talk, I’ll explain why some popular practices might not be as effective as commonly believed, highlighting the actual problems they solve and the specific situations in which they could be beneficial. These examples draw from my 20+ years of experience and the recognition of my company, Codeborne, as one of the more quick and efficient software development partners.

Let’s reconsider how teams can work more enjoyably and efficiently, minimizing wasted time. The goal is to illustrate that there are alternative, more effective ways to develop software and to give you ideas to make better choices when initiating a new project or improving your current practices.


Anton Keks is a co-founder and software craftsman from Codeborne, Agile entusiast, IT conference speaker and guest lecturer at TalTech and Tartu Universities, who also likes sailing, motorcycles, and traveling to remote places of our planet.

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