Brendan Marsh – keynote

brendan-talking (2)Spotify Running: Lessons learned from building a ‘Lean Startup’ inside a big tech company

This is the story of how a small, cross-functional team (with only 1 developer!) worked closely with our customers on a weekly basis to discover the right thing to build, before we built anything and eventually shipped an innovative new feature that was praised by customers and the press alike. If you’ve read the Lean Startup, have been inspired by their stories and wonder “wow that’s really inspiring, now how the heck do I actually DO this?!”, then this presentation is for you. (Here’s a hint: It ain’t easy, but is doable!)

Brendan Marsh is an Agile Coach at Spotify and the coordinator of Spotify’s Innovation guild. Brendan has been coaching the team behind the new Spotify Running feature, which started life as an exploratory project with the goal of discovering what the ideal running experience is for Spotify’s running community. The feature has since been rolled out to Spotify’s 60 million users.

Brendan is passionate about Innovation, Lean Startup thinking and empowering teams to achieve greatness.

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