Filips Jelisejevs – Also Cloud (two session together)

What are they hiding from you – dark(er) side of SCRUM

Have you ever wondered what your SCRUM Master knows that you don’t?
Take a peek into the psychological mechanisms used (or abused?) in SCRUM!

Sure, daily stand ups are improving your information flow and sprint demos are great for fast feedback, but what about the cogs of the machine – the people?
Why exactly more than 7 do not make a good team? What good does cross-functionality do if we are doing one thing at a time, anyway?
This 15 minutes session for people with SCRUM experience is an invitation to think about the psychological aspects that make the framework tick.

Building Xanadu

How would you organize your team in the ideal world? What exactly of this wishlist you can’t do in a real one? For extra brownie points – how do you do it in a large corporate environment?
This is one part bragging about how cool we are and one part a list of controversial ideas in team building and people management.
Includes keywords like “”wage transparency”” and “”unlimited vacation policy”” and do they work in real life (aka corporate environment).
This is a 15 minute talk about grass-roots team building and organization, enjoyable by both teams and managers alike.

BIO: Agile enthusiast who has been a SCRUM Master already before it was cool. Hobbyist of behavioral economics, has worked in companies big and small but still a believer that biggest challenge in software development is people.

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