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“How to be an effective Agile change agent.”

Hanno JarvetYou have experience in Agile methodologies, corporate change initiatives and want to take your Agile success to a new level. Either expand it further in IT or involve more of the business. Perhaps even make the whole organisation Agile. How should you go about it in a non-naive way? How can you find some contextually appropriate ways to move your organisation forward? Depending on the nature of your context and environment​,​ different parts of the Agile methodology ​are appropriate​ (but not sufficient)​.

This talk will help you choose ​a ​contextually appropriate approach. We will look at complexity theory to understand how to​ look at systems and environments ​and to act in​ a contextually appropriate way to avoid running fools errands and to pick the battles that can be won with the right tools.

– Do-s and Don’t-s of organisational change

– “Agile wars”: One process to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

– BizSecDevOps? – Achieving organisational change or “transformations”

– Scaling the “what” before understanding the “why”

– Unintended consequences – Making change stick.

– Leading the unleadable.

– No innovation with Best practice imitation.

BIO: I help organisations improve performance.

To secure your spot, go ahead and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/agile-saturday-xiv-registration-44994750510 

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