Henrik Zätterman

Topic: I'm a leader in an agile organisation, now what?


I’m a leader in an agile organisation, now what?

Topic Summary

When the organisation changes the roles of the leaders need to change as well.
If we want autonomous or self managing teams you can’t have top down, command and control leaders.

But if you should no longer take all the decisions and not measure the performance of the team, what is left?

In this session you will get some inspiration for how you can fill your days with value adding activities that create engagement, alignment, and help the team and individuals grow.


Henrik Zätterman is an agile coach and organisation philosopher from Sweden with a passion for making the world a better place by improving work places.

Closing in on 30 years in the business he has had the chance to work in almost every role in product development and in many different industries.

He’s also a leadership coach and team coach, and works a lot with individual and team grown both in leadership teams and product development teams.

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