Marek Kusmin

We have decided to become agile. What should we do next?

This is a question I hear quite often but it is impossible to pull out
a ToDo list with descriptions of steps that transforms your team into
an agile one. Instead of answer a number of questions arise – who is
this “we”? why it was decided to become agile? what do you know about
agile or what you think you know about agile? how you define “agile”?
It means that before any possible answer to a question what to do next
or advise how to continue we should have common understanding of what
agile is and means.

This session is targeting beginners. We speak about and discuss the
reasons what drives people and teams toward agile methodologies, what
should you think about before making decision about using (or not
using) agile methodology and what are the prerequisites of success
while adopting agile methodology.

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