Marek Laasik

Agile pitfalls in large organizations, how to not fail the programs

You will gain insight into more common pitfalls and learnings from running large architectural programs in agile environment and how to make them successful from company perspective.

Session will give an insight to the practical side of running a large programs in agile environments.

– How to manage the expectations of stakeholders, set achievable goals and deliver real products in predictable time-frame.
– Difficulties in defining the business value, making it clear and understandable for everyone.
– Role of a product owner in this environment and requirements for other roles.
– Avoiding duplication of work and making sure that the time is spent in the right place.

The talk is based on the real life experience in running the programs that have involved around 100 developers and multiple scrum teams.


BIO: Currently on a VP of Engineering position in Fortumo, one of Estonian companies offering mobile and micro-payments in the world around 80 countries.

Previously have been working as a project manager in EMT working on the data services and actively involved in introduction of early mobile portals, MMS and some other services to Estonian market.

After that have been working for 8.5 years in Skype, actively been involved in project and program management, also participating heavily in introduction of agile methods to Skype and running very large programs in Agile environment.

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