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Topic: Agile at Engineering

Topic: Agile at Engineering


Is it possible to apply an Agile approach in large organizations which are developing physical products?

Agile is becoming more and more popular in many industries outside IT where it was born. Large organizations are looking at Agile to find ways to become more effective in delivering their products to the customers and to be more adaptable to change. When using Agile in an engineering world, it is key to understand how to adapt the methodologies and the approaches from the IT into new contexts and to be prepared to face three main challenges:

  1. How can we create a physical product incrementally?
  2. How can we organize an Agile team when there are specific competences and a T-shaped developer is rare?
  3. How can be agile when we need to work with suppliers of parts, products and systems with a long lead time?

During this session I will share my experience from the trenches to draw a parallel between software and physical development and, using examples taken from real projects from the automotive, packaging and aerospace industries I will try to show what can be achieved, the lessons learned, the key success factors and what to watch for when applying Agile in a physical product engineering context.

If you want to understand how to implement Agile to help you develop physical products, then this is the session for you!

Learning Outcomes     

– Explain how Agile can be applied in an engineering context

– Learn how to apply Agile to incrementally create a physical product

– How to structure an Agile team and define the necessary roles

– Understand the challenges in working with suppliers and how to overcome them


I am an Agile Coach and Consultant passionate about my job and I am specialised in the application of Agile in the development of physical products.

I am currently a freelance Agile coach and consultant and my mission is to support organisations of different sectors and sizes in their Agile journey and to help development teams in creating amazing new products in a complex environment.

I worked in London and Paris for different companies, every experience enlarged my perspective of the world. I supported a large car manufacturer in their Agile transformation, a unique chance to see from the inside how a major corporation mutates and what are the challenges and opportunities in this situation.This experience has been the foundation for the rest of my professional life: since then I have helped large organizations developing physical products to become more Agile. That has allowed me to push the limits of Agile, and to apply Agile values, principles, frameworks and practices beyond the digital world.

I am a regular speaker to conferences in Italy and abroad: the topics of my talks come from my experience from the trenches and are Agile for hardware, Agile for Engineering and Product Development.

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