Ozlem Yuce

Lean and the Enterprise: Maersk Line’s journey

“The journey that the world’s largest shipping company, Maersk Line, have taken so far in testing, implementing and learning about Lean-Agile across the whole organisation. Maersk Line operates the world’s largest container shipping fleet, with 325 offices in 125 countries, with a turnover of $26 billion per year. Maersk Line IT spends over $100m p.a. on development, over 20 development teams spread around the world with a mix of onshore/offshore and thin outsourcing. The Wrath of Waterfall: Historical view of how we worked
First Contact: A giant project (X-Leap) – ­what we learned. what worked, what didn’t
The Search for Agility: LPD – piloting eight Lean Product Development practices
The Final Frontier: The Enterprise! Agility at scale (rolling out across the organisation, scaling and centralising key components)
Next Generation: LPD 2.0 (what we’re doing now, where we’re heading)”

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