Registration to Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI is now open!

Please reserve your spot by registering to Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI through Eventbrite ticketing system.

We kindly ask you to reserve a seat only if you are really planning to show up and please cancel your reservation if your plans have been changed! This way we can better plan and organize the event to make it really beneficial and enjoyable for the participants. Thank you for collaboration!

NB! Please be aware, that there will be photo shooting and video recording at Agile Saturday XVI conference. By registering to the conference, you are giving your consent that these photo and video materials can be published in any media and can be used by Agile Saturday organisers for promotional activities in future.

This year we will have 5 main themes at Agile Saturday Tallinn – we will look at Agility through 5 different lenses:

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