Sead Pašalić

Topic: How to adopt SAFe by adapting it to the culture of the organization


How to adopt SAFe by adapting it to the culture of the organization.


Changing the delivery model in a large organisation is a major challenge as it affects people, culture, mindset. How did Swedbank cope with these changes?

The aim of the session to highlight the challenges we encountered along the way and how we overcome them, share valuable insights and lessons learned from our journey.

Key points to be covered

– Understanding the Importance of Cultural Transformation

– Identifying Obstacles in Implementing SAFe

– Cultural Transformation – Embracing the change

– Leadership Alignment

– Measuring Success

– Best Practices for Sustaining Cultural Transformation


Sead Works at Swedbank Group Business Intelligence Product Manager, GBI Infrastructure.

He has for a better part of past 20 years been working with business systems management, data warehousing from all aspects including architecture, modeling, business intelligence services, requirements, business information modeling, logical data modeling, governance and team-leading in major transformation programs in Nordics area.


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