Agile Saturday XV – Ari Tanninen (Zulia Oy)

“Workshop” Track (15:15) – Ari Tanninen  (Zulia Oy)

With workshop:

“Take ownership of your life”

Ari Tanninen

Short introduction about speaker:

Ari is a trainer at Zulia Oy, a product development consultant at Lempea Oy, and a Recognized Practitioner in The Leadership Gift. He spends his days helping companies develop software that fit customer and user needs, and enjoys lighting the spark in people’s eyes by training them in self-knowledge and responsibility.

Workshop Abstract:

Are you stuck or facing problems in life?
Would you like to learn to lead yourself and others better?
Are you wondering how to get your sub-ordinates to take more responsibility?
Would you like to live a life of freedom?

Then join this workshop, and learn about Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process. It is a psychological process, that explains how we all naturally react to problems, and how our brains create obstacles for us in taking responsibility. And thus living a life of freedom, power, and choice.
Understanding and practicing Responsibility may help in:
– Leading yourself and others
– Building teams
– Understanding organizations
– Breaking through problems
– Understanding behaviors such as blaming and shaming
– Living a life of freedom, power, and choice

This is an interactive 2-3 hour workshop with exercises and discussions, and no slides. You will learn about the responsibility process, learn to recognize it, and get tools for practicing and taking responsibility in your life.

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