Agile Saturday XV – Roman Zahharov (Lean Digital)

“Workshop” Track (11:10) – Roman Zahharov  (Lean Digital)

With workshop:

“LEAN analysis – universal tool to align people to really understand processes”

Roman Zahharov

Short introduction about speaker:

Senior Consultant and Partner LEAN DIGITAL, partner Lean Shanghai Co. Ltd. Roman is managing and developing business processes for 15 years. Has portfolio of clients from family businesses to Fortune Global 500 companies. Worked with multiple ERP systems SAP, Movex, NAV, DAX, Monitor, etc. I especially enjoy to introduce tools and methodologies between industries, like implement Scrum for non-IT businesses.

2003 – 2011 went from technologist to director
2011 – 2013 launch of manufacturing company in Shanghai, China
2010 – … executed dozens of LEAN and DIGITALISATION projects in Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden and China
2009 – 2016 lecturer at Tallinn Technical University “Project Management” “IT systems for Business Management”

Workshop Abstract:

Agile, LEAN, Value – very popular words and very powerful concepts, but not many really know how to “see” value and waste in business processes.

At this workshop you will learn practical way how to clearly define process, how to see value and waste in process and how to identify improvement options. You will get skills how to structurally visualize any process – from team work to landscapes of entire businesses. and all above with easy tools only.

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