Agile Saturday XV – Dmitri Lebedev (Citadele Bank)

“Agile Organization” Track (15:15) – Dmitri Lebedev (Citadele Bank)

With topic:

“Conway’s Law or How Your Agile Organization Supports Your Agile Architecture”

Dmitri Lebedev

Short introduction about speaker:

Dmitri started his job as a software engineer more than 20 years ago, has delivered many software projects, failed a few, learned a lot of things from other people and now he is willing to share his stories of success and failures with broader audience. The ultimate goal of his activities is that software could be developed pragmatically, based on an engineering approach and mutual respect between all involved parts.

Topic Abstract:

According to Melvin Conway the organizational structures manifest themselves in org’s software product structure. In other words, dysfunctional organization would produce dysfunctional software architecture. Let’s try to reverse engineer organizational structures from a robust and agile modern architectural principles, and see how agile org should look like. I am going to review modern architectural and devops practices like micro-services, feature toggling, continuous delivery and etc and examine which org structures support that kind of architecture and which structures are making this nearly impossible to work. Talk is based on my personal experience and on some good known examples like Spotify.

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