Agile Saturday XV – Alek Kozlov (

“Agile Organization” Track (12:10) – Alek Kozlov (

With topic:

“Building organisational strategy for taming dynamically changing situation”

Alek Kozlov

Short introduction about speaker:

Organisational coach, agile strategist and service designer.

Topic Abstract:

In the world of high complexity and dynamic changes, managers tend to lose the awareness of the organisational situation. Mapping organisation strategical services, products, systems and components create an opportunity to tame situation and agree on an actionable and focused strategy to own the future.

In my talk, we will go through the complexity theory practicalities. What are the differences in management approaches, org structures and skills for different stages of your plethora of systems, services, products and components? How evolution and competition are influencing your business? How to use simple tools to co-create and unify organisational view to the organisational strategy and let the future to catch-up with your organisation.

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