Agile Saturday XV – Maksims Yemeljanov (Accenture Latvia)

“General” Track (12:10) –¬†Maksims Yemeljanov¬† (Accenture Latvia)

With topic:

“What it takes to be a Scrum Master in Baltics and not only with real life examples”

Short introduction about speaker:

I’m a Certified SCRUM Master and have more than 5 years as Scrum Master within multiple international start-ups. My expertise lies in establishing, improving and / or developing Agile practices, and my career of 15 years within operations management at major international companies enables me to add value very quickly within a Scrum Master role.

Topic Abstract:

I’ll plan to go into talking what it the core of the Scrum Master role

Speech will cover following topics:
1. What SCRUM Guide says about the role
2. What are general role expectations from various stakeholders: team. PO, organisation
3. Evolution and comparison of the role in Scaled environment: SAFe, Less, NEXUS, Tribes
4. Common anti patterns: with team, with management, organisation, recruiters
5. Career path: is Agile Coach role actually a next step for Scrum Master or the other way around?
6. Quiz

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