Agile Saturday XV – Juha Heimonen (Flowa)

“Mix Tech/Case ” Track (11:10) – Juha Heimonen (Flowa)

With topic:

“Wait, wait, wait a.k.a. My code is compiling: the things we wait when creating software”

Juha Heimonen

Short introduction about speaker:

Juha is a holistic software developer. He has experience in many things agile, and he is enthusiastic about simple things and human interaction in order to deliver magnificent software. He loves Clojure, cloud and people. He loves punk, both the music and the attitude.

Topic Abstract:

We take many things for granted. One of them is ‘waiting’. Waiting takes many forms, depending on context, but then again internet is full of cat pictures, so what’s the problem?

Some say software development is costly. That may be true. But it’s not very easy to point out the reason for it being so. Though, one of the things we generally tend to agree on, is that we wait. And waiting is costly.

We wait for a meeting to start.
We wait for CI build to finish.
We wait for our code to compile.
We wait for that certain pull request to be merged, so we can continue.
We wait for a daily morning meeting to start, at noon.
We wait for coffee to be ready.
We wait for go or no-go.
We wait for a meeting to end.
We wait for input from product owner.

All in all, we wait. That costs something, doesn’t it?

So what can we do?

Fear not, there’s things. Mythical one-piece flow, stupendous delegation board! Yes, there’s certain tools, methods, what-nots. But it’s so very important to understand the fundamental thing:

We wait.

This will be a light-weight talk, with a robust message: waiting is caused by simple set of conditions, with very unforeseeable consequences. But fear not, you can make the situation better!

Here’s a short introductory video as well

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