Agile Saturday XV – Anton Keks (Codeborne)

“Mix Tech/Case ” Track (12:10) – Anton Keks (Codeborne)

With topic:

“The need for Full-stack craftsmen”

Anton Keks

Short introduction about speaker:

Anton Keks is a software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open-source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool – Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open-source projects. Before founding Codeborne, Anton has led a team of developers of the award-winning internet-bank of Swedbank for 5 years, gradually introducing agile methods. During this time he has also co-founded Agile Estonia non-profit organization that organizes regular agile conferences in Estonia. During spare time he plays guitar, rides motorbike and travels to remote corners of the world.

Topic Abstract:

Developers and IT people in general tend to specialize and become narrowly skilled. In the past there was always the conflict of DB developers vs Application developers, or DBA vs developers vs testers. Nowadays developers split even more into frontend/backend/Android/iOS/whatever else. This leads to inflated teams, inefficient communication, and not following basic Agile principles, even if organization claims to be Agile. The term “Full-stack” is often applied to developers being responsible for all aspects of their work, but XP/Craftsmanship goes further – we should also take our operations, testing, etc under control.

True Agile Craftsmen can be an order of magnitude more efficient than traditional teams. Let’s break it down and see why it works.

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