Agile Saturday XV – Timo Punkka (Schneider Electric)

“Mix Tech/Case ” Track (15:15) – Timo Punkka (Schneider Electric)

With topic:

“From Agile product development to organizational Agility with Holacracy”

Short introduction about speaker:

Timo has 20 years of experience in new product development. 15 years ago, he was one of the early adopters of Agile methods in embedded domain. Since then, he has helped Agile teams and organizations around the world in varying environments. Timo has academic background from three different disciplines. He has masters in electrical engineering, licentiate degree in computer science and is finalizing his doctorate in industrial engineering and management at Aalto University, Helsinki. He is passionate about organizational learning, and always looking for opportunities to gain more knowledge by working with people, teams and organizations in different domains.

Topic Abstract:

Gather around for a story of 2-year bottom-up Agile scaling with Holacracy. Building on Agile development, the case organization seeks company-wide Agility. Concerned with moving beyond Agile development? Join us, and get inspired!

Below is a 45 min timeline, based on talk format. Parts can be replaced with exercises. The content can also be delivered in a longer workshop format. This time I personally prefer giving a hands-on account from the industrial corporate setting. It seems that many are missing this encouragement.

There is a PhD research behind this story (but this is not academic presentation).
Holacracy plays a role in the presentation (but this is not a Holacracy promotion).

Learning objectives
• An understanding why Agile product development, while beneficial, is not the end of the story
• A model for organization for reaching towards organization-wide Agility
• A piecemeal approach for experimenting towards the future state of the organization

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