Agile Saturday XV – Rainer Tikk (LHV)

“Mix Tech/Case ” Track (16:15) –¬†Rainer Tikk¬† (LHV)

With topic:

“LHV’s Agile journey”

Rainer Tikk

Short introduction about speaker:

“I have more than 15 years of experience in software development management, product development, team leadership, and software engineering. During this time, I’ve worked on strategic management, organizational design, agile methodologies, full SDLC and dealt with various fin-tech and banking domains (payments, cards, core banking etc).

I believe in value driven product development, building high-quality software), continuous improvement, automation and autonomy.

In my free time, I travel, read, enjoy the fresh air on a golf course, hit the slopes on snowboards, search treasures underwater and rise my 2 children.”

Topic Abstract:

The session will provide insight of the agile journey of LHV from the past 9 years. The company has grown to 400 employees to date, with 60 people working in software development alone.

Rainer joined the IT department 8 years ago, when the department itself was only made up from 2 people. He will talk about the lack of agility then and the road to agility in the long run.saa

What is agility in the context of LHVs journey to becoming a new generation bank and the only Estonian bank exporting its services?
What are the difficulties and challenges of being a bank as well as a tech company – challenges of talent, teams, building products, complying to regulations and keeping up with the growth of the organization? Changing the course of the ship, when it’s often expected to maneuver like a jet ski?

Last year, a major change was made in the way product and IT teams work both within the organization structure as well as in “real life”. Trying to take over the Spotify teams/tribes model was a bold move, but nothing ever goes quite the way you perhaps hope, when you’re a bank, when you’re considerably large and a one-size-fits all solutions sometimes just don’t fit.

Rainer will share his honest journey of failures and successes from the past 8 years and what it’s been like to grow a team from 2 people to 60 in a financial organization.
How do you keep a cruise ship on course when you’re expected to throttle and maneuver like a jet ski?
How do you do it when your challenged by the talent war, numerous regulations and keeping up with the exponential growth of the organization?

The participants will get a closer look at the inner workings of IT in a bank, more knowledge in how a modern bank is more and more like a tech company and what are the most common struggles and inspirational success stories.

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