Alek Kozlov

Introduction to SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) – Good, Bad, UglyAlek

You can find in the Internet a lot of voices raving against this approach, as a try to commercialize Agile.

On the other side a lot of big companies are very into this model and they find it very helpful in understanding how one Agile Company should be structured.

I have reviewed SAFe model and in my session I will share pluses and minuses that I have found in it. Overall I satisfied with they way how Dean Leffingwell been systemized the “”How”” one enterprise can work in agile setting. I have some smaller concerns to share with you and, in my humble opinion, one big architectural flaw that should be changed/addressed.

Come and discuss these topics with me and take away understanding about how does this model can be used in your settings.

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