Dmitri Troshkov

Typescript sugar with nuts 

You will learn how to write compile time safe JavaScript code and be confident in it. In TypeScript you can use classes, enumerations, modules, describe nested structures and still be able to use dynamic nature of JavaScript And the most attractive is that you do not have to learn new language!
The world where you come from, does not matter: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby… TypeScript is friendly with everyone and all popular IDE-s support that.

Introduction: what, when by whom, strongest “selling” parts of TS.
About me.
What project did I remake to use TS language.
What are the problems with JS?
TypeScript can be just JavaScript.
Demo: How to start using TS in VisualStudio.
Demo: Remaking small JS code piece to TS code and benefits.(VS)
Other IDE-s supporting TS.
How to set-up TS support in JetBrains WebStorm.
Small comparison with other frameworks which compile to JS.
TypeScript pluses.
Compiler is open source.
Some theoretical dive into TS constructions. (I will reduce the amount comparing to DevClub)
Demo: Generics
Demo: External type definitions
Demo: WebEssentials. The same in NodeJS by it’s nature.
Small demo: tricks with Any and Structural Typing by mocking function, object and constructor.


BIO: From childhood had three passions: physics, IT and theatre. Got good results in state physics contest. For a long time played in amateur theatre before and after university.
Studied Physical Information Technology and Applied Physics in Tartu University. Now studying Computer Systems in Tallinn University of Technology.
Working in IT almost 10 years. Started from test automation and now trying to do everything as senior developer in
Physicists need to explore and see picture of nature very thoroughly to do conclusions. I think the same approach should be in IT industry.

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