Giuseppe De Simone


Topic: Effective Learning in the Age of Hybrid work


Effective Learning in the Age of Hybrid work

Topic summary

As we move towards 2030, the landscape of work is rapidly evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities for organizations worldwide. Recent reports have highlighted the necessity for every employee to acquire three additional skills to effectively fulfill their roles in the coming decade and agile teams already know how crucial cross–functionality is. Concurrently, the Great Reshuffle has emphasized the importance of workplaces that foster growth, engagement, and vibrant company culture, especially for the Gen Z workforce. Last but not least the pandemic accelerated the transition to remote and hybrid work by a decade and it is now here to stay, because work flexibility helps retain talents, increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

How can organizations confront these challenges amidst an already complex environment?
In this session we will address this pressing question by emphasizing the critical role of skill development in fostering employee retention and equitable outcomes. In fact studies reveal that companies excelling in skill development retain employees twice as long. We will explore practical strategies for cultivating a learning-centric environment that nurtures the mindset, skills, and practices necessary for success in today’s volatile and future-facing world, regardless of the size of your organization


Giuseppe De Simone is an engineer turned leader, coach and trainer, who is passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations become more productive and resilient.
Being a Certified Scrum Trainer, Coach and Leadership Educator, he believes in the power of growing people as the only truly long lasting investment.

Giuseppe is currently Managing Director at agile42 in Sweden.
He has been working for almost 25 years in product development with different roles and in the last 14 years he has helped companies in various industries to create more human and skillful work environments.
Giuseppe has spoken at several conferences, regularly writes articles and holds webinars about agility, change management, culture, leadership and coaching.

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