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Topic: An Agile Leader in 2025


An Agile Leader in 2025


By and large, leadership can be divided into two parts: rational and emotional.
Historically, our ancestors survived by making safe choices that helped them survive. This program is still strong in our brains, and in uncomfortable or confusing situations, we reach for solutions that have saved us so far. Since most leaders have a successful specialist past, they often try to solve emotional challenges rationally. However, this approach does not always work.

How much knowledge of psychology do leaders actually need? What is necessary to enable them to act swiftly and confidently? The concept of agile leadership adds an aspect of speed and flexibility here.
We are now living in times of AI supergrowth. It is much better than humans at rational tasks, though it currently lacks an understanding of the context, human emotions, and motivation. But this will come sooner than we can expect.
So, why are human leaders still needed in the future? What makes a great leader in 2025?


Ivar is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a Systemic Team Coaching Master Practitioner, and a leadership trainer. He has led companies in six countries in the banking, telecom, and manufacturing fields for more than 30 years. During his tenure, Ivar has worked with people from a wide range of cultures. This experience has ignited a passion for multicultural teams and inspired the creation of www.casehub.pro, an innovative leadership confidence accelerator. There, leaders focus on collaboratively solving real-life challenges, building their portfolio of leadership tools, and expanding their network.

Three years of psychology and psychotherapy studies have deepened Ivar’s understanding of the human psyche. He can uncover behavioral and emotional patterns, sources of motivation, and the unconscious drivers of people. These skills, combined with his extensive leadership experience, enable him to effectively resolve emotionally challenging situations between individuals and collaboration issues between teams.

Ivar has accumulated more than 3500 hours of coaching experience. He possesses a vast collection of people-leading tools applicable to specific work situations.

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