Johannes Lindman

Unlocking Synergies: The Alchemy of Agile Teams


Unlocking Synergies: The Alchemy of Agile Teams


When assembling a group of individuals, team work could emerge but not always. Team work should make the equation 1+1=3 come to life. Hopefully, individuals bring the necessary task skills to the table, yet they may fall short in the realm of team skills. 

Team skills, the art of harmonizing individual strengths into a collective force, can be cultivated and significantly enhance the chances of transforming a group into a high-performing team—or, at the very least, a performing one. The real challenge lies in finding the delicate balance where the value of synergies outweighs the costs of communication overhead.


Hailing from Sweden, Johannes Lindman, born in 1972, graduating from the artillery officers academy 1995, Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in 1999. Early on, he worked as a software developer, adhering to the principles of extreme programming. 

Over the years, Johannes has worn various hats—team lead, project manager, line manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, coach, and trainer. His expertise has been appreciated by renowned financial institutions like SEB and Swedbank, as well as tech giants such as Tele2 and Scania. His most recent endeavor involved collaborating with the Swedish Customs.

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