Kadri Pirn

Topic: unFIX: Navigating Change with a Playful Design Language


unFIX: Navigating Change with a Playful Design Language


Every organization is a unique blend of people, mission, and culture, constantly evolving like a living organism. In this dynamic landscape, change is the only constant, but organizations are faced with an endless number of frameworks, new books, methods, and technologies to navigate this ever-shifting terrain.

In this talk, we’ll explore unFIX, Jurgen Appelo’s latest venture after the success of Management 3.0. unFIX – the design pattern language that empowers organizations and their sub-units with the flexibility to choose their path, articulate their language, and engage with a playful and colorful set of cards to facilitate decision-making and transparency. The unFIX is the blend of all the new and older methodologies – from Scrum and Kanban to Teams Topologies and OKR’s frameworks. 

Discover how unFIX transforms traditional approaches and gain references to free tools for immediate implementation. Join us for insights into embracing change with unFIX as your adaptable guide.


Kadri, with a background in software engineering and project management, has navigated diverse project landscapes, from traditional waterfall to Scrum to chaotic cowboy styles. She encourages us to choose tools and methods for the conditions, not trying to solve all the problems with one-fits-all solutions. 

As the former Head of Engineering at Pipedrive, Kadri played a pivotal role in spearheading organizational change. During her tenure, she championed a shift towards dynamical re-teaming, empowering engineers to choose projects and fostering a culture of self-management. Her leadership contributed to Pipedrive’s transformation into an environment that encourages autonomy and innovation.

For the last year, she worked closely with Jurgen Appelo, and as a Core Team member for unFIX Company, Kadri was dedicated to supporting and building a community centered around the shared objective of creating healthier and more empowering organizations.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kadri is passionate about improv. She not only incorporates improvisation techniques into her work but also shares her expertise through engaging workshops. Join Kadri at the conference to gain insights from her diverse experiences and discover how organizations can thrive through dynamic leadership and a focus on individual empowerment.

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