Kubair Shirazee


Topic: Reflect, pivot and engage - an agilist's road to radicalisation


Reflect, pivot and engage – an agilist’s road to radicalisation

Topic summary

How often do we purposefully reflect on, inspect and act to better the state of the world work gets done in. How often do we as change enablers hold up the mirror to society with us in it, and inspect. 

Society given its current state is in dire need of recalibration (all 8+ billion of us know this!), as agilists we have much to offer, to facilitate and course correct societal transformation.  I would go as far to say we have a duty of care.

In 2010 I started investigating application of Agile principles, values and practices to affect social transformation. The hypothesis; can the same principles, values and practices be applied to facilitate transformation of individuals and communities, to enable them to self organise their way out of marginalisation and poverty.

This talk charts this journey, from a hypothesis in 2010 to the transformation of near 20,000 lives in three countries.


Kubair Shirazee, residing in London, England, stands out as an esteemed Organisation and Community Agility Coach with a rich experience spanning over 20 years. His expertise is predominantly in orchestrating organisational transformations and fostering high-performance teams. 

Kubair has played pivotal roles in catalysing agile adoption and transformation within some of the globe’s largest enterprises. His notable recent clientele comprises global powerhouses like Novartis, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Sandoz, Vodafone, LUSH Cosmetics, and the UK Department of Health. Venturing beyond corporate frontiers, Kubair is a fervent advocate for social impact. He dedicates time to volunteer in the international development sector, where he employs agile principles to uplift marginalised communities. This dedication also manifests in his co-founder role at Peace Through Prosperity, where the focus is on aiding conflict-affected marginalised communities. 

Kubair Shirazee embodies a rare blend of enterprise agility and social advocacy, continually inspiring both professionals and communities to pursue enhanced collaborative work and societal advancement. His thought leadership shines through his numerous publications on leveraging Agile methodologies for social good, featured in mainstream outlets, as well as his regular insightful contributions on podcasts.

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