Meet The Speakers – Ivo Peksens

Meet an Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI speaker Ivo Peksens (Latvia), with a talk “Team effectiveness or deep dive into Agile principle #12.“

Topic: Team effectiveness or deep dive into Agile principle #12.

About the talk:
This is an original talk based on writing at

I invite you to look deeper at the word “effective” from the Agile’s 12th principle. We will break it down into team efficiency, productivity and effectiveness and explore those in the context of knowledge work. Then, I will tell you about my original term “diversivity” that I propose to introduce instead of productivity term. As we go, you will be able to self-assess yourselves a bit, think, reflect and applaud me at the end :). Hopefully. See you soon!

Ivo about himself:
My name is Ivo Peksens. I am a natural intelligence Agile and Team Coach from Riga, Latvia. I help organizations develop and improve healthy team dynamics in various contexts. My recent interest is team research and team effectiveness models merge with Agile context and vice versa. I have worked with teams in various industries over the last 15+ years. Managed to be the first CTC from Scrum Alliance in the Baltic States (I know there will be a few other CTCs in Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI :)).

More about Ivo:,

Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI will take place 15th of April 2023 and you can register through Eventbrite.
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