Meet The Speakers – Juan Gutiérrez Plaza

Meet an Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI speaker Juan Gutiérrez Plaza (Estonia), with a talk “Heresy! Mixing Together Large and Dynamic Teams.“

Topic: Heresy! Mixing Together Large and Dynamic Teams.

About the talk:
Long-term static teams of about 7 +/- 2 people is currently the most accepted set-up and it has been the de-facto approach for many years. But would it be so bad to have larger teams? and very dynamic ones in composition? How could we do this without becoming heretics in the world of Agile? Let’s explore in this session how to take the idea of “dynamic re-teaming” to the extreme.

About Juan:
Juan has worked as developer, agile coach, manager and other roles in Spain, Finland, France and Estonia. Software Engineer by education, he is passionate about computers and about finding new and better ways of developing software. Currently he works as VP of Engineering at Scoro. He re-founded Agile Spain community in 2009 and every now and them gives some talks in different conferences and events.

Agile Saturday Tallinn XVI will take place 15th of April 2023 and you can register through Eventbrite.
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