Peeter Marvet

Teaching young hackersPeeter Marvet

I bet we all started with games, mods and trying to make the environment around us cool/fun/interesting. Now we are going to schools and trying to make everybody learn “programming” – this trend must stop NOW. What are the cool activities that might require IT skills – from solving puzzles to building robots & better paper airplanes? And how to turn these activities into “formats” that can become viral among teachers and students? Peeter has been speaking to teachers after helping to localize some Codecademy courses and would like to bridge the gap.

BIO: Peeter might have been the first in Estonia to talk about agile in mainstream media – back in 2005. Likes blending together code, design & usability, but could be best in selling really expensive stuff to very large clients. With vision. Is often feeling depressed (and unemployed) by the fact, that he has never had a chance to work in real development.

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