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Topic: Guiding Star OKRs


Guiding Star OKRs

Topic summary

In the realm of large corporations, the implementation of OKR often reinforces less effective patterns, such as command-and-control, waterfall, and a strict adherence to predetermined plans.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With experience from several large corporations, agility and leadership coach Staffan Nöteberg shares insights on how to ensure that our OKRs influence execution plans, not the other way around. We become aware of horizons further afield — things that must be initiated today to avoid ending up in the firefighting category a year from now.

Furthermore, incorporating Hoshin Kanri practices like catchball and check-ins embedded OKRs more deeply within the organization and redefined their role from mere indicators in a performance management program to being guiding stars, illuminating the aligned path.

This new paradigm views objectives as directions and key results as examples, offering an agile and impactful approach to improving alignment in organizations dealing with complex deliveries and numerous dependencies across team boundaries.


Staffan Nöteberg has led Lean and Agile adoption programs in medtech, banking, telco, media, retail, government, unions and other industry sectors. He authored world–renowned and best-selling books “Pomodoro Technique Illustrated” and “Monotasking,” with over 750,000 copies sold worldwide. Staffan is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences.

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