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Agile Saturday XV – Juha Heimonen (Flowa)

“Mix Tech/Case ” Track (11:10) – Juha Heimonen (Flowa)

With topic:

“Wait, wait, wait a.k.a. My code is compiling: the things we wait when creating software”

Juha Heimonen

Short introduction about speaker:

Juha is a holistic software developer. He has experience in many things agile, and he is enthusiastic about simple things and human interaction in order to deliver magnificent software. He loves Clojure, cloud and people. He loves punk, both the music and the attitude.

Topic Abstract:

We take many things for granted. One of them is ‘waiting’. Waiting takes many forms, depending on context, but then again internet is full of cat pictures, so what’s the problem?

Some say software development is costly. That may be true. But it’s not very easy to point out the reason for it being so. Though, one of the things we generally tend to agree on, is that we wait. And waiting is costly.

We wait for a meeting to start.
We wait for CI build to finish.
We wait for our code to compile.
We wait for that certain pull request to be merged, so we can continue.
We wait for a daily morning meeting to start, at noon.
We wait for coffee to be ready.
We wait for go or no-go.
We wait for a meeting to end.
We wait for input from product owner.

All in all, we wait. That costs something, doesn’t it?

So what can we do?

Fear not, there’s things. Mythical one-piece flow, stupendous delegation board! Yes, there’s certain tools, methods, what-nots. But it’s so very important to understand the fundamental thing:

We wait.

This will be a light-weight talk, with a robust message: waiting is caused by simple set of conditions, with very unforeseeable consequences. But fear not, you can make the situation better!

Here’s a short introductory video as well

Agile Saturday XV – Pascal Papathemelis (Agile42)

“General” Track (16:15) – Pascal Papathemelis (Agile42)

With topic:

“Going Agile with Culture”

Pascal Papathemelis

Short introduction about speaker:

Pascal has worked as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Currently Pascal is working at agile42 as an agile coach. Since 2014 a co-organiser of Agile Finland’s coaching circle in Helsinki and an active member of the Agile Finland community.

Topic Abstract:

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Why is it so? Everybody says that culture is important and that it needs to be improved. But a decision by the management alone and the announcement at the summer or Christmas party do not bring much. The organisational culture is based on people’s values & their behaviour. How can it be quantified in order to really know where the organisation stands on this? How to evolve it and follow up the journey based on real facts?

In this talk we will see how to identify an agile culture based on the competing values framework and how an organisational culture transformation can be measured and followed up in smaller steps.

Agile Saturday XV – Antti Karjavainen (Flowa Oy)

“General” Track (15:15) – Antti Karjavainen (Flowa Oy)

With topic:

“Facilitating Change through Helping Leaders Grow “

Antti Kirjavainen

Short introduction about speaker:

Antti Kirjavainen, a co-founder of Flowa (flowa.fi) and a coach at Lean-Agile Culture Accelerator at Yle, is an entrepreneur and a coach helping digital businesses reach their potential through new methods of creative and knowledge work.

Topic abstract:

In the face of digitalization and amidst risk of being disrupted by new products, companies, and business models, many companies have woken up to the need for change in company culture, management and the way of operation.

Whether the goal is business agility, the culture of experimentation, or agile company culture, the key challenge is how to foster change in a large organization. The big question is: what investments to actions help make the change stick in the organization while still providing a return bigger than the investment.

One approach to this that I have been a part in at Agile Company Culture Accelerator at Yle, as well as other companies, is creating coaching curriculums to grow leaders and change agents to enact and catalyze the change itself.

Change in organizations spreads like innovations in the population: in a network. You can reach the early adopters with a small change agent team, but to spread the meme of change wider in the organization network, you need other tactics.

In coaching curriculums such as Yle’s Culture of New Work Leadership Coaching, we offer coaching for the hub persons in the organization network (not necessarily the ones in management positions) to grow as and into leaders and change agents. This way, we foster the change in the organization at an arm’s length. This way, different parts of the organization can tailor the change according to their own context and take responsibility for the change themselves.

In this talk, I will share my experiences in designing and carrying out these kinds of coaching curriculums for the leaders. I will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this way of fostering change.

This talk is targeted at coaches, change agents and managers who want new ideas on how to foster change in their organization and for their customers. The audience will walk away with tips on how to, and how not to, organize a coaching curriculum for leaders, as well as an idea how and in what context it makes sense to consider this way of fostering change.


Agile Saturday XV – Maksims Yemeljanov (Accenture Latvia)

“General” Track (12:10) – Maksims Yemeljanov  (Accenture Latvia)

With topic:

“What it takes to be a Scrum Master in Baltics and not only with real life examples”

Short introduction about speaker:

I’m a Certified SCRUM Master and have more than 5 years as Scrum Master within multiple international start-ups. My expertise lies in establishing, improving and / or developing Agile practices, and my career of 15 years within operations management at major international companies enables me to add value very quickly within a Scrum Master role.

Topic Abstract:

I’ll plan to go into talking what it the core of the Scrum Master role

Speech will cover following topics:
1. What SCRUM Guide says about the role
2. What are general role expectations from various stakeholders: team. PO, organisation
3. Evolution and comparison of the role in Scaled environment: SAFe, Less, NEXUS, Tribes
4. Common anti patterns: with team, with management, organisation, recruiters
5. Career path: is Agile Coach role actually a next step for Scrum Master or the other way around?
6. Quiz

Agile Saturday XV – Third keynote speaker !

Hi all!

We would like to introduce you our third keynote speaker of Agile Saturday XV – the event that will happen already in two weeks!

Our third keynote speaker is – Soledad Pinter and her topic will be –  “Heart of Agile”!

And there is short abstract as well:

“During the last 18 years, we have seen how agile has become more complex with frameworks and techniques, leading us to forget that underneath it all there are “simple” values and principles.

The Heart of Agile (by Alistair Cockburn), is a simplified approach to achieve effectiveness in your daily work and life whatever initiative you are part of. With just four words at the heart of agility and teamwork to describe it: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve.

This session provides a practical and interactive view on how to use these basic elements from the Heart of Agile as guidelines to advance your practice. Hope that you take away a new approach and perspective to map your daily challenges in those four simple quadrants, along with new tools to probe with your teams.

Soledad is an agile consultant, coach and trainer with more than 20 years of experience and working in agile since 2006. She has given keynotes and orientations on practices and techniques related to the Heart of Agile on several continents, using an informal and interactive presentation style. Soledad is driven by her passion for helping organizations, teams and people to become better at their every day work. “

Soledad Pinter

Agile Saturday XV – Agenda is published!

Agile Saturday XV – second keynote speaker

Greetings agile people!

Time flies and we are getting closer and closer to our next Agile Saturday XV.

Time to introduce our second keynote speaker!

Our second keynote speaker is Kaimar Karu and he will talk about
“Cynefin and sense-making in the digital world”.

Here is the abstract to get you curious:

Cynefin (meaning ‘habitat’ in Welsh) is a sense-making framework, developed by Dave Snowden, and used for improving situational awareness and helping with decision-making by managers and hands-on professionals in various industries, including IT. The framework differentiates between ordered and unordered systems and introduces five domains (simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder) that make it easier to identify the best next steps in any (challenging) situation.
The session introduces the basic concepts in Cynefin and describes its applicability to IT management and DevOps. We will cover the following:
– Supporting organisational change initiatives and transformation programs
– How to recognise your context and choose suitable methods
– How to make decisions in complex environments
– How to avoid ‘one size fits all’ approaches
– How to enable and support innovation
– How to support continual improvement

Agile Saturday XV – First keynote speaker announced!

Agile Saturday XV is just around the corner. Time to introduce our speakers!

Our first keynote speaker at Agile Saturday XV on March 23rd will be… Vasco Duarte!
Actually, Vasco helped a lot our community and was the keynote speaker at the very first Agile Saturday whooping nine years ago. We are very happy to have Vasco together with us again.

Vasco will talk about that:
Agile Strategy – How to run an Agile business, a case study of 18 months of SAFe portfolio level implementation in the leadership team of a multinational company.

Here is an abstract to get you energised:
Your teams are Agile. You can even deliver software faster, but the business is still suffering? Do the teams claim that other departments are “behind” or “don’t get it”?
When companies start their Agile journey, they usually start from the IT corner, but that is not what Agile is about. The software is only a small part of the value customers get. We must also respond quickly to market changes, remove unnecessary costs, and focus on discovering higher value (higher profit, lower cost, market-centric, user-focused) products and services. The solution: be Agile about how you manage your company.
In this presentation, we walk through a 2-year transformation in a multinational mid-size company, which went from top-down waterfall-like portfolio planning to Agile Portfolio Management, the next wave of Agile.

Filips Jelisejevs- Also Cloud Latvia

“Got no Product Owner… What to do? .”

Product Owner is the helmsman of your galley. You can have the best rowing team ever, but if helmsman fell overboard, you will never get to the port! What do…? Story from trenches.

What are the strengths of agile development? How does a Product Owner contribute to those? What if a PO is not performing? Or can not scale? Or is altogether absent?

This is the real world story of our company, where through necessity we were forced to dissect and replicate the functions of the PO through a gamified voting process of direct stakeholders. More details and takeaways inside!

BIO: Filips has been a Scrum master and team lead for longer than is probably healthy.

To secure your spot, go ahead and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/agile-saturday-xiv-registration-44994750510 

Andrei Solntsev- Codeborne

“Automated tests.”

Agile is just a buzzword without technical excellence. Automated tests is the only effective way to assure that you are delivering WORKING software.

BIO: Agile software developer, creator of selenide.org

To secure your spot, go ahead and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/agile-saturday-xiv-registration-44994750510